XHTML Conversion

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The coding done on the website personifies the inner immunity that the site is enabled with. The kind and quality of coding implemented is the driving factor behind the speed with which the website can be accessed. UN Doc Web Design provides its clients with seamless XHTML Conversion facility. We, at UN Doc Web Design, help our associates in converting their designs from Photoshop format to the W3C Validated XHTML 1.0 format strictly in compliance with CSS. We work with utmost dedication to cater to your professional coding requirements so that you get the best of results. All you need to do is provide us with the PSD website design image. We do the rest by engineering accessible web pages that are fully optimized and XHTML enabled containing CSS layout techniques. Our veteran programmers have proved their versatility regularly by working on a range of XHTML projects and have designed solutions that are in sync with the technical requirements of the clients.

We have a pride worthy track record of delivering the highest rate of PSD to XHTML Conversion irrespective of the complexities involved in the project. The coding that we at UN Doc Web Design provide our associates with is enriched in quality which bestows the website with credible source code that is optimized and has a lean structure. The facets of XHTML coding covered by us are:

  1. Optimization Personified: The code is augmented with excellence so that it helps the website put up a superior performance on search engines.
  2. XHTML & CSS Validated with W3C: UN Doc Web Design considers this quality a virtue as it lends a tremendous flexibility quotient to the website.
  3. Inclusion of SEO Semantic Features: This aspect helps our clients steer ahead of their contemporaries.
  4. Enhanced Compatibility through Cross Browsers: This functioning is vital for simplifying accessibility throughout all the available operating platforms.
  5. Usage of Different Versions of XHTML: UN Doc Web Design carries out the coding in various realms such as XHTML -1.0 Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Strict and XHTML -1.0 Mobile. The platform is picked up by us at UN Doc Web Design depending on the requirements of the client.

Our job at UN Doc Web Design is to update your website so that it climbs on the first page of search engines in enhancing your enterprise. We do our job with diligence and professionalism and realize how important the website is to our client in getting business. Working with UN Doc Web Design would ensure you off:

  1. Effortless and transparent XHTML conversion services.
  2. Maintenance of the original layouts for your website.
  3. Enhanced performance on Search Engines.
  4. A wide range of audience through improved compatibility with cross-browsers.

UN Doc Web Design sets high technical standards and dotes on efficiency. We get involved in the intricacies of PSD image slicing and then exporting it to XHTML. In the process, our clients get added benefits as we use CSS techniques to fabricate lightweight layouts. Other conversions that we at UN Doc Web Design are involved in include JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, INDD, UFO, EPS, and PDF.